Contract Maintenance Service Plan

Proactive preventative maintenance programs greatly minimize the chance of unexpected breakdowns. Potential issues can be identified and repaired before a break down occurs. Regular maintenance keeps equipment running at peak efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and extends the useful life of the equipment.

CHAC provides contract maintenance service for buildings throughout the bay area.

Each of our service contracts is custom tailored to the client and the equipment. We develop maintenance schedules that provide peak performance, while minimizing costs. All maintenance service appoints are scheduled by us, following our optimized calendar, so you never need to remember to call us, we will call you.

Each time one of our technician’s performs maintenance on a unit, we provide a full report via e-mail on the units current condition and what, if any, further repairs might be required or recommended. All recommendations are given a rating scale from 1 (very critical need) to 5 (necessary in the near future but not likely to negatively impact equipment performance in the short term). So that you, the client, can budget accordingly. Not only in the short term but in your planning of annual budgets as well.

Additionally we maintain the history of each piece of equipment we service so you don’t have to.

CHAC maintenance contracts are very cost competitive. On average we usually save our clients between 10-25% on a yearly contract over the competition.

Additionally, our service contracts are on going, but non-binding. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our performance, you may cancel your contract at any time with 30 days notice.

As an incentive to establish a maintenance service contract with us, after establishing a contract, your first service is free.